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Tips on Growing S. Bantel's Sensation

15 years ago

Hi All,

I was recently able to buy some of this thru one of my plant societies, unfortunately a long time member & friend of mine died & this was saved from his collection.

I've tried to grow this several times, some from a leaf & once from a division; lost each of them.

I've got some now, a nice sized clump, I cut the top 8 inches off the leaves, leaving the original clump abt 6" tall, w/ 5 or 6 leaves & a nice sized rhizome.

(I've kept the cut portions of leaves abt 8" long drying out for a wk & just potted them, up too. These were the upper part of the leaves of the plant which I'd cut off.)

So I potted the base up in very fast draining mix & did NOT water it. Am assuming I should wait a while to water & then carefully 'til I see new growth? This is where I've failed before.

Oh Norma, suggestions pls. so I can keep this beauty alive. I'd like to make it thrive in memory of its former owner my friend Roger.

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