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new: NOT too late vegetable & herb seed swap

19 years ago

This is a seed swap for seeds of vegetables and culinary herbs. It's not too late to start planning a vegetable/herb garden.

The rules are below, email me if your interested and IÂll let you know where to send your seeds to.

1. All packets should generally have a minimum of 24 seeds, and include as much information as you can about the seeds. Smaller quantities OK, but please note.

2. Older seeds are OK to send, so are commercial seeds. Please do not send seeds you collected from hybrids unless you know they grow true to type. Email me if youÂre unsure what I mean by this =)

3. You will receive the same number of packets back as you send in (plus any bonuses) Send 15 in - get 15 back.

4. Send as many packets as you like, but please limit those of the same variety to 3. This will help ensure variety. If more than 3 packets of the same variety are sent, they will be treated as "bonus" packets.

5. Anyone wanting to donate "Bonus" seeds please label them as "Bonus" and I will distribute them to other swappers.

6. Send seeds in a padded envelope, the same envelope will get mailed back to you.

7. Include a note with your name, address, GW name and a list of the seeds you are sending so that you don't get your own seeds back.

8. Include an address label and enough return postage inside so that your package can be mailed back to you.

9. You may want to include a wish or "don't wish for" list. No promises, but IÂll try my best with what is sent in.

The deadline for mailing seeds will be Feb 21st. I will sort them and start mailing packages by March 7th. Hopefully this will be enough time for you to start seeds indoors or for the arrival of spring seed sowing.


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