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Which one is JUST S. trifasciata?

9 years ago

I've really gotten into sansevieria lately, specifically S. trifasciata both because they are commonly found and because I'm not too crazy about the messy-looking growth habits of some of the other species.

So far I have Moonshine, Bantel's Sensation, Gold Flame, hahnii, hahnii Jade, hahnii Jade marginata (I think), and another one that I think is regular trifasciata that's stunted and poorly colored. I did spy a Whitney today that will be going on my Christmas wish list.

My question is what does regular trifasciata look like? It seems like either sites just lump everything under S. trifasciata or they only have specific varieties listed. I also read somewhere that there's a good chance that anything sold as S. zeylanica (or is it S.t. zeylanica?) is actually just S. trifasciata. It seems to me that a lot of the subtleties between tall greenish-grey ones w/ horizontal stripes could be due to differences in growing conditions rather than different varieties.

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