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Sans more ways than one.

9 years ago

I am very new to the forum and have been learning a lot from reading here...though I am not entirely new to Sans. I bought a Sansevieria trifsciata Hahnii (green) about 26 years ago, when I was thirteen. I still have descendants of that plant. I decided to repot one of them a couple of months ago. It had been so long that I forgot not to water it in. I am sad to say it wilted in protest, but happy to report that it is well on the way to recovery. I have since replaced the soil with a well-draining, peat-free cactus mix, to which I added a good quantity of perlite. It has thrown 3 or more pups since then, to replace the floppy leaves I had to dispose of. I took some of the more turgid leaves to make cuttings. They're sitting near the window now, in shallow, fairly dry cactus mix.

Reviving this Sans led to me being bitten by the I also purchased a Dwarf Jade Marginated at my local cactus and succulent nursery a few days ago. It now resides in my vivarium with my 3 geckos, some Tillandsias, and various other plants. I love the look of this cultivar, and I hope it does as well for me as the original Hahnii does (when I remember to treat it right!)

The vivarium is very well-draining, with a deep drainage layer of Feather-Lite medium on the bottom and several inches of ABG-type mix. The water runs through it immediately, like you wouldn't believe! So far, so good. Does anyone else grow Sans in a vivarium? If so, do you have any tips/experiences to share?

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