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Over-wintering Salvias inside

17 years ago

I moved to PA from California this summer and brought a number of my Salvias with me. They are in pots and have done very well. Now, I would like to overwinter them inside, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Unfortunately, I don't have an unheated garage. I have the following choices:

a) a finished, heated basement

b) a windowless, unheated storage area that is in-between the house and the outside. I'm guessing it will be cooler like a garage, but might get down right chilly

c) a little uninsulated room on the second floor - sort of like an attic, but right next to the main, heated living area. It was quite toasty in the summer, so I'm guessing it will be cooler in the winter. It does have a window

d) the heated sunroom and front room. The front room in really light, but the sun rooms appears to have UV treated glass (!!) and is not as bright as I thought it would be.

Which would you choose? I'm also thinking of setting up a small grow-light area for cuttings. I'm trying to overwinter Salvia chiapensis, Salvia elegans, Salvia greggii, and a giant red salvia (I know, how specific :). I'm also trying some non-salvias: rosemary, oregano, some tender lavendars and Gartenmeiseter fuschia.

How far should I cut them back? Or should I even cut them at all? Any other helpful tips?

Thanks for any help,


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