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Pot sizes and Sans

20 years ago

Well, I already mentioned a long time 'Guru' of Sansevierias elsewhere, and his memory is not a fondly remembered thing for some people, so, I will paraphrase his philosophy as taught to me, and ask, humbly for everyone else's opinions. Joe, Russ, Jon, I expect specifically to hear from y'all as having the longest running success of those of us likely to post here on the subject. I figure anyone who has kept a species of plant alive for 20 years knows something about it...

I also want to hear from everyone else that cares to have an opinion.

This guru felt that sans should be potted up in the smallest pot the roots would fit into, and that it should be watered on at LEAST a weekly basis. His thinking was that in a smaller pot, there was less rot, and more of a need for frequent water. We sort of got into a minor tiff on line in front of everybody about the subject of how often Sansevieria need to be watered. Taking into account different conditions, humidity levels, ect, ect, we agreed to disagree.

My position. I tend to pot sans up in pots that are less labor intensive for me, requiring less over all care. Meaning they hold moisture for a long time. Need less repotting because of overcrowding. And generally just sit and look good.

He felt that smaller pots allowed for better control of moisture and promoted more vigorous growth. He watered his extensive sans collection without fail everyweek. He was carefull to advise what to look for, and was knowledgeable enough himself to realize to tell everyone that to follow his regimen would lead to rotted plants without care and diligence.

What is the happy middle ground? How do you folks grow your sans? Do you believe that crowding promotes blooms? Do you water at your convenience or on a schedule? What is an average pot size for large trifaciata varieties? Do you have any rules with exceptions as far as sans go?

I am including pics of my giant S. trifaciata, and last years second bloom stalk. Well, not tonight. My photo storage is undergoing maintenance, I will follow up tomorrow with those pictures.

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