I got my 'Moonshine' - how do I make/keep it white?

6 years ago

I have wanted an S. trifasciata 'Moonshine' for some time, and I stumbled across a lovely one on sale tonight, so I'm pretty excited with it. It is a bit greener than I'd like, so I'd lime to know what growing conditions will give me the lightest color overall. I've read that it grows whiter in more light, and greener in less. I also read that new leaves start white and turn darker green with age.

My experience with white variegation in tropical plants is thst once the variegation on leaves turns greener due to low light, those leaves will never get their white markings back again no matter how much light they get. To preserve variegation, the leaves must get enough light from the beginning.

I presume the same is true of Sansevieria, but I'm only guessing. Anyone have a 'Moonshine' and can you tell me the best way to get the most white color in this plant?

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