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NEW: Incredible Edibles Cukes, Melons, & Summer Squash Swap

11 years ago

It's time to swap cucurbits! That means cucumbers, melons of all kinds, and summer squash!

* You can join the swap until March 2. ALL seeds must reach me by March 9. I will mail out all the packages by March 18.

* Label each seed packet with the year, source (commercial or garden), and your GW name.
Because cucurbits cross so readily, send collected seed only if you took steps (bagging or isolation) to maintain seed purity. Please don't send seeds you collected from a purchased fruit or a hybrid, they likely will not grow true. Commercial seeds should have been purchased in 2012 or 2013. Collected seeds should be from your 2012 or 2011 garden. Your name on the packet ensures that you don't get back what you sent.

* Put at least 10 seeds in each packet.

* Limit of 3 packets per variety and 30 total packets.
If you send more than 3 packets of a variety or more than 30 total packets, they will be used as bonuses. Bonuses don't count toward what you get back.

The following common varieties will all be considered bonuses because they're widely available and not on anyone's wishlist: Marketmore 76 Cucumber, Hale's Best Cantaloupe, Crimson Sweet Watermelon (red), Sugar Baby Watermelon, Black Beauty Zucchini. You may get them back if no one wants them.

I will also send back any seed mixes and any packets without specific variety names. For backyard gardeners, these crops take up too much space to not know what we're planting.

* Send your seeds in a bubble envelope, which I will reuse. In the envelope, besides your seed packets, be sure to include 4 things:

1. A list of what you are sending, to ensure that you don't receive the same thing you sent. It will be helpful if your lists are organized by type (cuke, melon, squash).

2. A wishlist, or at least let me know what categories you are most interested in, so that I can send you things you will enjoy, even if I don't have items specifically from your wishlist. You may also indicate if you prefer OP/heirloom types, or hybrids. I can't guarantee what you will get back, since it is dependent on what others send in, but I will do my best.

3. A return address label.

4. Return postage: at least 5 stamps. The local post offices all consider bubble envelopes to be parcels, not envelopes.

* Canadian GW members are welcome to join, as long as their seeds reach me by March 9 and they send US$ to cover return postage (Canadian stamps won't work here).

* Send me an email to confirm joining. Include your mailing address, and the #1 cucumber, melon, or summer squash on your wishlist. I will be posting the #1 wishlist varieties on this thread. I will reply with my mailing address within 2 days.

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