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NEW: obf march days swap

8 years ago

Hey, It's Almost March!
Time for the March OBF Swap!color>

Our Bloomin' Friends requires that you be a member of OBF in order to participant in this swap. If you would like more information about membership, please contact Shirley or Carol.

I'm choosing 4 special days in March.
Please choose 2 of these 4 days and send items relating to them to your partner. Don't tell us which 2 you choose, let it be a surprise for your partner.

The first 2 days were so easy to choose, the others, well, I had fun finding them.

1. St. Patrick's Day. I love that we are all Irish for a day! March 17th.
2. The Vernal Equinox - Ah, spring! Time to plant those bulbs! March 20th at 12:57 PM EDT.
3. Purple Day. March 26th.
4. The Pencil with an Eraser Head was patented on March 30th 1858.

St. Patrick's day and Purple items are everywhere, have fun!
I would suggest if you love a certain type of bulb you run to your GW trade page and post them there. Also, I would think that non-flowering bulbs are ok too ... garlic, onion.
I'm not going to suggest what you should send your partner for choice #4, use your imagination. LOL
Bought or homemade items are all GOOD!

Sign ups for this swap will be till March 7
Partners assigned March 8th.
Please mail your package so it will get to your partner in time for the Special Days you have chosen.

Games will appear .......


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