Salvia subrotunda...white form.

10 years ago

Received seeds from Canada last year, from a stem of the usual red Salvia subrotunda, which had white flowers. Did not expect the seeds to provide plants with white flowers...but they did! Not the most spectacular Salvia of all time, but this is certainly interesting. I wonder how this can happen, as I have not found any references to subrotunda being anything other than red. I did wonder if it had hybridised with S. coccinea, but, don't think so, the form of the plant, shape of the IS subrotunda. How does this happen?

I have never understood how and why there are so many different-coloured forms of Salvia patens..........Cambridge Blue, Lavender Lady (Chilcombe here), White Trophy, and Dot's Delight.

Why is there not a red form..........or a true-blue splendens?

I now have a dark blue form of the Argentinean Salvia durifolia.........seeds from the normal white form. Don't think that my plants are hybrids.

Just heard about a new hybrid from Cabrillo.......madrensis x gesneriiflora......sounds amazing! Huge yellow flowers.

Some specialists don't like hybrids...........but I do!

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