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Splitting and drying leaves, visible roots and

10 years ago

Hi Everyone,
I am new to Sansevieria (and house plants in general). I picked up a plant with 3 pups and a small bud in 6 inch pot earlier this week. I noticed that couple of leaves had deep gashes but I assumed they might have been damaged during move etc. The soil was slightly wet so I haven't watered it. It has been sitting near a floor lamp for about 8 hours a day. Now I am starting to notice more leaves splitting and dryness at the tips of leaves. Roots are also visible at the base of plant and there's lots of pressure against the sides of plastic pot it came in. I've also noticed the leaves are not as shiny and vibrant as they were in the store.
Does anyone know if this is a result of shock from too much light or do I need to re-pot? Is it possible that this plant is diseased? I'd really appreciate any suggestions to improve this plant's health.

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