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Some Jewels From The Garden

16 years ago

Here are a few jewels, roses and clematis, from my

garden. They are new ones for me this season and

I already love them.

Is it a daisy or is it a rose? It's just a charmer!

With those daisy-like petals, one could always play

Loves Me, Loves Me Not! (SNOWGOOSE)


This sumptuous, opulent, lush rose is new to me and

I am taken. It is Marie Antoinette, disguised as a

rose. And it's mine! "So Let Them Eat Cake".


This color that I love, it is twilight, it is dreamtime.

It's the color of the evening sky, in Venice, sitting at

Piazza San Marco, sipping the best Italian red wine.

Can you fall in love with a color? 'Cause I think I have.



Love the violets and blues, on the garden color wheel.



The begining of a hydrangea flower, caught between

violet and blue.


This strawberry red rose, always blooms in bushels.



And what can you say about such a lovely rose as this?

This one is a tree rose version. (Tamora)


Thank you for stopping by and seeing the jewelry of

the garden.

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