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NEW: new february fotess swap!

9 years ago

FOTESS stands for Friends of the Earth-Simple Swaps. You must be a member to participate, and if you are interested in joining FOTESS, please contact Jeanne or I. We would love to have you!

We're going to do an upcycling swap this month and I came up with two ways to play it. Couldn't make up my mind, So YOU get to choose!

If you sign up for this month's swap you can chose:

PLAN A - An Art Show, wherein you will be given a list of common household items and be asked to "upcycle" a work of art from them. You will choose from 3 different categories.
No mailing out for this swap. You will post a picture of your artwork and then you will vote for the ones you like best in each category.

PLAN B - An Upcycling Extravaganza, wherein you will be given a list of common household items and asked to upcycle them into something useful for your partner. You will be mailing them out.

Sign-ups are until Saturday, Jan. 31. When you sign up, please tell me which plan you would like to play this month. Whichever has the most votes is the one we'll play. So please be prepared to take part in either one, okay?

On Sunday, February 1, I'll post all the info for whichever plan is chosen.

Anyone ready for some major upcycling?

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