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Question: Re. Black & Blue seedlings

17 years ago

I know that Black & Blue hybridizes so readily. I have oodles of seedlings to play around with. They are all from seed I collected from my own plants and I think every seed I sowed sprouted. Some seedlings have green stems and some are displaying the dark stems. The dark stemed seedlings are also the ones with the largest cotyledons. The green stemmed seedlings are growing faster than the dark stemmed and are at least an inch to an inch and a quarter tall and all have their first set of true leaves while the darker stemmed seedlings are very short (1/2inch) and just starting to develop the first set of true leaves. The darker ones also have darker cotyledons than the green stemmed. I am guessing that the dark stemmed seedlings are the ones that are more apt to be true or at least contain more of the B&B characteristics. Is this a good assumption or am I still very wet behind the ears.


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