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NEW: *All You Can Eat Buffet Seed Swap-2005*

17 years ago

I just wanted to welcome all of my gardenweb friends to be able to participate in this new swap.. If you can eat it, you can send it in for the swap.. and for those who always participate.. this is your opportunity to receive many new veggies, fruits, herbs, if you can eat it.. you are in.. so here are the rules for the newcomers.. welcome.. you have a great opportunity to receive new seeds for this springs garden. *******Guidelines for Buffet Swap******

1) All seed packets need to be in by March 1st, 2005.

2)Seed packet minimums are such.. tiny seeds, one half teaspoon, small seeds-50+, medium seeds 30+, large seeds 20+, and giant seeds- use discretion on rarity and value.. for example any exotics, you can cut on the seed amount but like corn, beans, peas, be generous- these are cheap seeds.

3)Please mark seed packets with variety.

4) Please send no more than 5 packets of the same variety.. the more variety you send in, the more different you will receive in return.

5)Please use bubble envelopes to protect the seeds in shipping.. I will reuse these to return your new seeds to you.

6) Please send enough return postage for me to send your seeds back to you.

7) Enjoy, and hopefully this will be the best crop ever...

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