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late santa thank you

15 years ago

Hey folks,

I Had a little bit of luck at my place, all of it the bad kind. Winter is here and with it came the high winds and naughty neighbors that wouldn't take out trees that would blow down and take out a power line or two. One near sighted home owner actually 'CUT' down a power pole thinking it was a limb of the tree he was bucking up. I love Californians, we now have a large number of them here. A long and funny story I may share some day.

I forgot to turn off the power strip to my PC before power was restored and it has crashed for the last time. I can't seem to get the dvd drive to take the format cd. I have lost everything I had on it. But, (SIGH) I now have to buy a new PC, My VIAO was old and out of date.

I am very embarrassed that I haven't thanked the folks that sent such nice Christmas cards with seed tucked inside. Please forgive me for my tardiness. I am using my girlfriend Jeanne's PC so that I can write this.

Dawn Lacoste (Aunt Nawnee)

Lori Bleau

James West

Melanie Miller

Andrea Miller

Amy No GMO

I apologize for it taking so long to post this, we can blame it on my Sony.

I hope that the new year brings good gardening to all of us.


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