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NEW: Valentine Seed Swap

I am going to try another RR Valentines Seed Swap

Rules are as follows:

All good seeds -no old seeds,No common seeds,

Send wish list,Will try to fill wish lists,Send as many packages of seeds you send -you will get back plus extra 2-3 extra packages on me -depending how many signs up.

Also Please send a wish list and also a list of what you are sending,with return postage.

Send something to do with valentines day,and you get gift back!send same amount of postage,it cost you to send your package-If it weights more i will pay the diffrence.

I will have a cut off date being 10 as soon as you sign up,Send out in next days days.If you dont send BY cut off date-You snooze you lose so to speak,

Sign-ups start now.

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