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which red sage for sun/shade spot?

18 years ago


i have a small square plot in the front of my house, about 2'x2' that i would like to put a red sage in.... probably tropical, mountain, pineapple or cedar (a few of these).

it faces east & gets direct sunlight in morning & early afternoon from about nov-may, then during summer & fall when the trees fill out, it's in the shade w/a little dappled sunlight. i would like it to not get much bigger than the spot itself, & only a couple feet tall.

the problem is that most descriptions of salvias say either sun OR shade or "part sun".. and i know the cedar sage needs all shade-- but as for the other 3, would they do well in a situation that was mostly full sun most of the day for half the year-- and mostly full shade for the other half of the year? (this is for central texas.)

any suggestions?.... thanks!

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