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UPDATE: Jan. - 2006 Garden Circle Exchange Ring

17 years ago

Still getting used to this - I guess it's time to start a new heading because it is now January - so here it is!

I looked through the info sheets and did not see anyone with a January birthday in our group; but as you know, I forgot to ask about birthdays to begin with, so if your birthday is in January, please let us know so we can wish you a happy day.

Now a reminder: You must send a gift or card (note or letter) between the 1st and 15th of each month so everyone please remember to send SOMETHING to your pal. If your pal does not receive the gift or card by the 25th of the month, the person who did not receive any package or card can e-mail me by the end of the month and let me know. The person who is not sending will be dropped from the group; so for example, #1 might be reassigned to send to #3. Don't be afraid to tell me if someone is not following the rules. We all agreed to them. However, I am really hopeful there will not be problems.

Once again - Happy New Year!

Sandlapper Rose

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