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SALVIA Hot Lips Sage Bicolor Wt/Red - salvia microphylla - Wanted

17 years ago


Hello GW Members!color = "008800">

I am looking for:

*SALVIA Hot Lips Sage Bicolor White/Red - [salvia microphylla]* seedscolor = "990066">.color = "CC3366">

View Photo #1 Of: SALVIA Hot Lips - salvia microphylla

View Photo #2 Of: SALVIA Hot Lips - salvia microphylla

If you have seeds of this type, ...

Please view my, *Seed Exchange List*, to see if

there is anything you might like to trade for: = "006699">

or click on the link below.

NOTE: Please Email Me ~Directly at ~> [plant_tender@centralpets.comcolor = "006699">], In Addition To Your Posted Reply Here, Otherwise, I May Not Know You Have Posted A GW (GardenWeb) Reply, Or Have These Specific Seeds Available.

I Don't Seem To Be Receiving 'Copies' Of GW Members Posted Replies, As I Should Be.

Likewise, If You Have Your GW Email Settings Set So That Your Email Address Is Visably Blocked At GW, It Is Very Possible That Even Though I Try To Email You Via GWs Email System, That You May Either Receive My Message Only In Part, Or Not At All.

This Has Happened To Me More Than Once.color = "008800">

Thank You,color = "CC3366">



Here is a link that might be useful: View The Seed Exchange List For *plant_tender*

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