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Othonna capensis - African Ice Plant - little pickles

20 years ago

For those in North America and especially Canada, I would like to share with you a great little succulent plant. I have been growing 'little pickles' for a number of years, and each year I grow couple of leaf cuttings to trade at our local seed and plant swap. They are always a big favourite and go like hot cakes!

The plant is excellent in a rock garden, in hanging baskets, and as a ground cover. The flowers are yellow and the leaves light green but they turn red in winter. They form a tight mat and look great hanging over a wall. I am surpised to find that they are classed as a zone 9 plant, when they thrive outdoors here at zone 6. I have never given the zoning a second thought, but since learning that they might 'vrek' in the cold weather, I have moved some into the greenhouse - just in case!

I have lots of these plants and they grow very easily from cuttings, so I will offer them for a SASE to Canada only. Or trade if you prefer.

I have also purchased this plant at walmart, but the label says pink flowering. The plant is not as tightly matted as the yellow,but looks very similar and it has yet to flower, so I am looking forward to seeing the pinks.


Here is a link that might be useful: African Ice Plant - othonna capensis

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