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Hello all, new to the forums

15 years ago

Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from PA and this past year have grown lots of different hot peppers (I'm a big chili head, from peppers to sauces).

Right now the only live plant I have is a habanero plant which has given me fruit consistently since maturity, and let me tell you these little fireballs are every bit as hot as a habanero is supposed to be, along with a great flavor. Here's my plant a few months back while it was still warm enough to be outside:


I grew jalapenos (which grew like WEEDS), serranos, cayennes and anaheims this year.

Just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully join in some great discussion. Growing peppers has become a favorite hobby of mine, even being as difficult as it is here in PA where the weather doesnt usually cooperate.

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