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Wonderful swap!

9 years ago

What a wonderful time at the swap today!! Thank you Bonnie and Terry for hosting. Lovely day, lovely place, lovely people. lovely food (those scones are to die for, Nancy!) - oh, and lovely plants, too :)

I'll be getting my new babies in the ground on Monday. Thanks for all who brought them!

So glad you took the book I brought, Bonnie. Will be fun to see it change hands at future swaps. I know I didn't tell you much about it, so here's a bit more (in someone else's words, which is probably better ;):

One Straw Revolution:
Call it "Zen and the Art of Farming" or a "Little Green Book," Masanobu Fukuoka's manifesto about farming, eating, and the limits of human knowledge presents a radical challenge to the global systems we rely on for our food. At the same time, it is a spiritual memoir of a man whose innovative system of cultivating the earth reflects a deep faith in the wholeness and balance of the natural world.

Trained as a scientist, Fukuoka rejected both modern agribusiness and centuries of agricultural practice, deciding instead that the best forms of cultivation mirror nature's own laws. Over the next three decades he perfected his so-called "do-nothing" technique: commonsense, sustainable practices that all but eliminate the use of pesticides, fertilizer, tillage, and perhaps most significantly, wasteful effort.


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