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A Morning Walk In The Garden

I'll try this again with fewer images this time.

I don't post often, but this morning was a beautiful morning in my garden which is at peak bloom. So I think I have something worthwile to share with you all.

Early in the mornings during the season, it is my wont to take my coffee and my dog Samantha and stroll and meditate in the garden. I love to watch the flowers and the tiny lives that live and play out amongst them. The garden walks are a ritual that ground me and bring me quiet contemplation of natures world which is important in our hectic modern lives.

I guess you can't really call hybridized plants truly natural. They are after all a creative expression of the breeder with a friendly assist from the genetics that nature provides.

I think that you can say the same thing about a garden with an additonal nod to the plant breeders. At any rate, my garden is an expression of both mine and my wonderful wife's creativity. It is eight years old now and as finished as a living work can be.

So here are some images from our early Father's Day walk, Sam and I. Please join us on a vicarious stroll.


The front yard as the sun first hits the roses on the fence.

My dog Sam, she's 13 and quite geriatric, but still loves her garden strolls as much as I.

The mixed perenial and rose bed at the front of the house.

The raised bed at the back of the house.

I think I'll post this now and do a second post to finish. I think I attached too many photos to the first post I tried this morning and it overloaded the server.

See you again shortly.



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