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How to propagate Cuttings with a potato

17 years ago

I'm doing some cuttings now and I live in West Texas. It's my first time doing it this way but it seems to be working because I'm starting to see new buds on the cutting. I took the cuttings and bore a hole in a potato which started to have roots. The hole I bore on the potato was a bit smaller than the cutting so it is going to be a very snug fit which is good. Then I took the cutting and pushed it into the potato. They say you're supposed to use root hormone but I didn't to see if it works without it. Then you take the potato with the cutting and bury it in good potting soil so that only the potato is covered leaving the cutting exposed. Water well, and cover with a gallon milk jug with the bottom cut off to allow for air and to keep the humidity high near the cutting. "screw" the gallon unto the dirt. Your new cutting should be ready to dig up and plant in Spring. Good-luck!!!!

Sincerely and respectfully,

Nancy aka sunshine98

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