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NEW: mnf: k~i~s~s (keep it simple & sweet) feb.swap

11 years ago

Welcome to the Make New Friends February KISS Swap :)

February is a short month full of oh! so sweet lets have this swap be the same way...

Keep It Simple & Sweet :0)

Postage Rates have gone up, yet again! So please send the cheapest way you can, first class would be just fine. Just please post your Delivery Confirmation here when you mail, so we can track your package.

Please include in your February KISS:
~a Valentines Card
~1...yes! only 1 pack of seeds...try looking on your swap partners want list, or maybe, look for a valentine themed pack of seeds...or let your imagination go wild...
~Something Sweet...again, this is up to you. Your something sweet could be garden tags, seed baggies, or chocolate (my fav,lol).

Deadline for Sign-Ups: Feb. 9th
Partners: Feb. 10th
Please mail by: Feb.19th (post your Delivery Confirmation # when you mail)

Don't forget to post when you receive so we can all enjoy your K~I~S~S with you.

That's it...easy peasy mac n' cheesy this month.

Make New Friends is an open swap. Newbies, veterans...anyone who is looking to make some new garden friends is always welcome.

And, as always...I'll be posting games later this month. Wonder what is could be :D????


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