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Floppy Sedum and Giant Rose questions

13 years ago

Hi All,

I'm usually a lurker, but I haven't been able to find great answers for these two issues. I hope someone can help.

1) I recently transplanted a "Purple Emperor" sedum from a pot into the ground. It was doing great in the pot, standing up straight, nice and dark purple. Now in the ground it's getting a yellowish color and flopping big time.

2) There's a GIANT, gangly rose bush in our yard that I'm having trouble keeping up with. Should I be trimming this thing? How should I support it? (The support stakes I'm using are already way too short) And can anyone tell me what type of rose this is for future reference?

Also I can't figure out how to post pictures here...I know I did it a few weeks ago with a different post. Can someone refresh my memory?

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