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Wanted English roses and floribunda roses

14 years ago


I really want to add some English roses and/or floribunda roses to my garden this year. I don't really care for hybrid teas because the flowers are often very small and the disease resistance is TERRIBLE.

Anyways, now that I've ranted about the flaws of hybrid teas, I don't really have a preference as to which cultivar I'm looking for, but I'd like it to be semi or fully double, disease resistant, and fragrant (and of course hardy in my zone). Any floribunda or English rose that meets these criteria is good for me.

I don't have any roses of my own yet (not to mention plants in general) but I do have some stuff. Please take a look at my trade list and tell me if anything interests you. Also, I have some white wisteria seedling available for trade which aren't on my list which I'd also be willing to trade. They're samll (about two inches tall) so they're a good size for shipping (and they'll have roots which is always nice :-). If not, I'd also be willing to send postage for some cuttings if you prefer that instead. Finally, any advice on growing these beautiful plants would be greatly appreciated, and I'm actually going to ask a question now. If it's a climbing rose, does it need a trellis for support??

Thank You

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