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HELP!! My First Time Growing Attempt & the Rose Canes Look Dead!

18 years ago


Although I'm a total novice to growing roses, and if truth be told I'm on this site to "find out answers about growing Cecile Brunner roses as well as the Zepherine Drouhin. I planted 3 of each last year, and they all took hold rapidly and grew many feet of canes. The Cecile Brunner even produced blooms; one produced about a dozen beautiful little "perfect" pink roses! And they were so heavily scented! Just from those few blooms!

My searching today though, in desperation I might add too, is that I have NO SIGNS OF LIFE on ANY of my 3 Cecile Brunners, PLUS their canes are do dark and really THORNY. And only one of my Zephirines have 'come to life" ~ the others look so dormant.

My question today is "am I not being patient enough?" Our growing season here in Vermont is short, and although we did have a mild winter, as winters go around here (which I was thankful for having just planted them in June last year) I'm worried I need to do something or they're not going to come back. Especially too because one of the Zephirines has been growing rapidly and has ALOT of leaves already, which all remaining 5 plants look dark and dormant.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can share.

Most appreciative,

Beth in Vermont

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