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REMINDER-Fall plant swap

14 years ago

The Fall plant swap will be held at the Cat Lady's Garden on Sunday September 6th beginning at noon.

We will have a potluck lunch. I will supply plates, cups, plastic ware and drinks. Please bring a dish to share.

You don't have to bring plants to attend the swap. Judging from the number of plants that we've had in the past, everybody can go home with something for their garden.

I will apologize in advance that I cannot provide restrooms. Our septic system won't handle it. It's even a problem for the 2 of us, which I won't go into on the forum. There is a Burger King 2 blocks away. You can use their restrooms without walking through the restaurant. They are right inside the east door.

If you plan to attend the swap, please send me your email address. I will send out directions to my place in a couple of days.

Thank you,


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