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Have courage!! and try to hybridize new roses

10 years ago

If you love roses - and have a good collection you really should try to hybridize new roses - It really is very easy!

Among your new seedlings look for:

1) Beauty of the flower

2) Is it healthy?? a seedling that gets mildew or blackspot = compost tumbler/lot/garbage bin - who wants to spray they roses?

3) Does it have a good fragrance?

4) Does it repeat well and/or fast?

5) Is it different from other known roses?

6) Good Growth habit?

If you can answer yes to 1-6 propagate the plant - and let friends test it - preferably in different climatezones. (In Europe - From North Norway/Sweden/Denmark - to south - Italy/Spain/Greece - In USA - different states USDA climate zones. And get feedback for 2-3 years.

Still good?? Introduce your new rose baby to the World rose Org. Trial grounds in your area/country for trial.

NB - do not hope to become wealthy - hybridzing roses is not a get rich fast scheme! and none of your 1000s of rose babies may never be any good - but try!!!! You might just happen on that one rare good new rose in your lifetime ... but like playing Lotto - if you never buy a coupoun (do your work) - you will never win( harvest) - go for it! I did ...

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