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New: New tropical subtropical seed swap

14 years ago

Hi Everyone... Welcome to the tropics....

We all could use some warm sun!!!

Anything goes. If you only have one seed to share send it in. No need to check lists just share what you have. I will try to match what is sent in but cant promise. It depends on the number of participants. If if we only get a few people we can share with each other. I know I dont need 15 plants of the same thing. So if you are willing to get a few seeds of some different tropical seeds than this is the RR for you.... Seeds to be sent in by March 15, 2009 and hopefully back out first week in april just in time for warm weather.....If you side trade please put that persons name on the packet I cant keep up with side trades for you...Most of all have fun. I know I have some extra brug seeds to share and some other stuff too....Barb

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