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NEW: obf jan swap, dreamin' by the fire

9 years ago

Welcome to the first Our Blooming Friends Swap for 2014. This swap will be a swap of either Gently used Garden oriented magazines or garden books.
I am suggesting a trade of four or five magazines. If you prefer books then one or two will be enough. The magazines must be intact,( no pages or coupons cut out). These items may be mailed by media mail which is economical OR in a flat rate priority envelope for just a bit under $6.00.this will hold 4 or 5 magazines or a fairly fat book.
January is my time to sit and read and dream about my garden. All the seed catalogs and magazines and books that I have saved up are both the spark and the fuel for my garden dreams.
This should be an easy swap with no shopping required. ( sorry, to those who just love to shop) as you will be sending things that you have around the house.
Each player will have the option of swapping; 1)magazines, 2)books, or 3) both.
If you choose to do both, it will be two separate swaps.
Sign ups will be until Jan 12th,with mail by deadline of the 17th.
when you sign up, please state what you prefer to swap.
While we are waiting for sign ups and for the mailman it, would be fun if we take turns posting descriptions or photos of our "Dream Gardens".

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