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trying out two new roses

15 years ago

I had that garden itch, the one in which I want something new well after I've decided I've spent enough this year. So, I popped into Harlequin Gardens and picked up two roses after picking the owners brains for about an hour. Ah, they give such good tips!

I have a Kaitlyn Ainsley, my first Rugosa, and The Fairy. The Kaitlyn Ainsley was highly recommended for my area but the guy suggested I mulch The Fairy the first winter.

I'm so excited! Now I just have to decide where to put them. I know which bed the are going in, the one with my three roses and all the pansies. But who belongs where?? I have only two in the ground, the Morden Blush and the Winnepeg Parks. I kept the Morden Sunrise in a pot but plan on putting it in the ground. It is not growing or blooming nearly as much as the others.

Can't wait to get my hands dirty!!

Do any of you think I should leave them in the nursery pots for a day or two? They only had to come up three thousand feet but maybe it is best to wait before transplanting them?

Anyhoo, I'll take a photo when I get them in the ground.

Yay for dirt!!

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