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UPDATE: Secret Santa Seed Swap 5 ( thank you and games)

10 years ago

"cryptid and Elly, sent me two beautiful butterflies, and a ladybug. Darren, not sure if you remember my friends daughter passing away, and they called her Ladybug..but anytime I see a ladybug I think of little Morgan. hope your feeling better, and please thanks Elly for me !"

Kym, y'know, I am so glad you reminded me of this, because it absolutely had to have been at the back of my mind somewhere when I chose that ladybug light for you, even though it wasn't actually a consciously considered deciding factor, per sey. Like Wow, huh?!


To all of you wonderful folks who received Elly's crocheted butterfly pins this go-`round, she's super pleased you like them and wants me to convey how equally pleased she was to make them for you! :) Our heartfelt thanks for all of your kind remarks, etc.!

May God Bless you all and keep you-n-yours safe-n-healthy all year long and always! - Once again, I can never emphasize enough just how very much this special annual swap means to Elly & I anymore, for more reasons than I can possibly relate. Aqua, I believe you basically know where I'm coming from, yes? - GardenWeb TOTALLY rocks!!

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