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Need irrigation input, please

12 years ago

My husband and son are hard at work building a couple of large raised gardens in our front yard. New areas to plant...yay! I'm planning to fill them mostly with flowering shrubs, and a few perennials mixed in here and there. Now it's time to plan the irrigation, and I would really appreciate some input. In our backyard we have drips lines which are efficient, except boy do they take a lot of maintenance! There always seems to be a dripper somewhere that has broken off and needs repair, and every time I plant something new we have to put a new dripper in. How about soaker hoses? I've never used them before. Would they be easier to maintain once they're set up? What are the disadvantages? How close together do they need to lay to adequately water an area? How many can be connected effectively? Or is there another, better way to water that I haven't thought of? We are in a high wind area, so sprinklers are out.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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