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get rose cuttings to root my first time need help

18 years ago

Hello, i live in central florida where the temps are now 55-78 degress i want to take some cuttings but i don't know which part of the rose plant that i need to take the cuttings from and also the roses never go dormant here at least i don't think so well there is a friend of mine and she has this great big rose bush it's like 7 feet tall and in the summer there was no roses on it untill winter came and now there tons of roses on it well this is the rose bush that i plan on taking cuttings from and trying to root them so i need to know if now is a good time to take the cuttings? and which part of the bush that i should take the cuttings from and how should i get them to root for me thanks for all your help please email me direct at

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