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I did it! I planted seeds...they are cute!

16 years ago

I finally popped some seeds into little pony packs today. I put in: creeping thyme, Gypsophila, Gaillardia, Coreopsis and, sadly, Mexican hat. The hat says it will take two or three years to bloom and survives up to 7000 feet. What was I thinking?? That is okay, I'll try it anyway. Plus, I'll have seeds for trade if it doesn't work out. I now forget who recommended starting a few seeds at first to see how they do, but I took their advice. I placed the packs on a long tray in a window sill and will probably move them soon. I imagine the dogs will knock them off if I don't put them up higher.

The seeds are so cute--fluffy Gaillardia and extra tiny Thyme. I think I could just plant seeds for the cuteness factor, even if they never grow.

If they take, I'll post a photo.

Thanks to everyone who offered help!!


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