Fertilizing: your success and why organics?

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7 years ago

The Russian GERDA23 has the best garden in HMF. She has alkaline clay, awesome garden. See link:

I asked her how she did it, she wrote in Russian, I had to run through 4 translators. GERDA23 wrote:

"Early spring nitrate. After 7 days, 1/2 bucket of cow manure under each bush. Then double-superphosphate, ashes for micronutrients, potassium-sodium humate (80% humic acid). Two times a year top dress with chicken manure. In the fall feed roses with grass and compost.

My Sharifa Asma-2 yrs, good seedlings, blooms profusely with soluble phosphate-potassium. In spring sodium-metabisulfite for fungicide." GERDA23

***** From Strawberryhill:

GERDA is in zone 6, Russia, with alkaline clay. She uses sodium humate (80% humic acid, pH of 9 to 10). It's smart for the Russian to spread sodium humate and wood ash on surface, both very alkaline to prevent fungal diseases.

How do I adopt the Russian's regime to my climate? I already bought compost & cow manure for late fall fertilization right before the ground freezes, per U. of Illinois recommendation.

I need a jump-start for my short summer by raking in leaves, then dump alkaline soil on top. Acidic leaves or alfalfa on top would breed fungi.

Spring time I'll get cow or horse manure. After 1st and 2nd flush I'll top-dress with chicken manure. When we get into hot & dry mid-summer, I'll switch to soluble phosphorus & potassium as in grains, or very diluted MG Bloom Booster.

See below link for GERDA23 amazing Russian garden, tons of blooms, zone 6, alkaline clay.

Below is Sweet Promise hybrid tea in my garden, fertilized with horse manure and chicken manure. Picture taken during last year's drought with high heat at 100 degrees, you can see the burnt grass behind:

Here is a link that might be useful: Russian rose garden in HMF

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