Anything i can do now to help with thrips next year?

13 years ago

Hello, all! I'm trying to maintain an entirely no spray garden. This year, earlier in the season, i had a horrible problem with thrips. Blackspot also, but it was the thrips that really got under my skin (figuratively speaking).

There were moments i considered spraying, but i resisted temptation. Low and behold, at this point, the roses which were so terribly plagued seem almost normal. I can still spot a few thrips here and there, but it's not nearly the infestation it once was.

I'm assuming natural predators have moved in (indeed, i see littly hoppy bugs on the blooms on occasion). But ideally, i'd like to have a thrip free garden.

Is there anything i should do NOW to prevent the thrips from coming back? Is this just a cycle i need to learn to live with?

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