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Seedling emerging very slowly...

9 years ago

I planted some cucumber, Armenian cucumber, tomato, hot chili and jalapeno seeds.

Both the cucumbers quickly germinated in 3 days and opened up their seed leaves in around 2-3 days more.

Next followed the tomatoes and they too germinated in 5-7 days and most of them opened their seed leaves in another 3-4 days. The cherry tomatoes were a bit late.

As for both hot chilli and jalapeno, first they were very late o germinate (infact many seeds have not germinated as yet - more than 3 weeks). Very few of them have germinated and only one hot chili has opened up its seed leaves. The remaining germinated seeds are still part inside the soil. I can see a portion of their stem and leaves above the surface of the soil. Although I can say comfortably that some of them are very very slowly rising (and it doesnot seem that they are dead or having a dampening off), I was wondering why is it happening? Are peppers really so slow compared to the other two.

Btw, one cherry tomato is also behaving in a similar fashion. Very very slow, and still part inside soil.

Could there be a problem from my end? The soil? Does it require fertilizing?

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