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Tracing a rose for Mother-In-Law (think it's peace?)

17 years ago

Ok, I'm starting to grow roses and it turns out that my Mother-In-Law used to have a rose given to her by one of her sons (now deceased) the day before one of her grandchildren (from a different son) was born. Unfortunatley, his dad tried to help by surprise prunning it one yr while she was away - It died.

Now I REALLY did try to get details from her but it was about 20yrs ago and her english isn't as good as it could be. Since she doesn't read asking a tag name isn't a question either.

Best I could get from her:

Yellow w/ "peachy edges"

Shaped like "store roses"

Smelled wonderful - not helpful, don't know what or how strong!

"Med. Green" leaves - wasn't matte

bloomed "alot" - that could mean anything

came from Wal-Mart

She seemed to indicate it grew well, too.

I know that's not alot to go on - sorry. I'm hoping to get a few of the well known and easy access for that time and bring her a few pics to id. I'm assuming that it was prob Peace - w/ the heat/sun/soil (and I'm guessing nothing but water was ever put on it) the pink prob didn't show alot.

Oh, and if you do think it could be Peace (I'd bet money on it but I don't have one to compare to, lol) - isn't that the one that usually has MRV? If so where to go to get a "safe" one?

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