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2014 Holiday Seed Swap

9 years ago

Holiday Seed Swap - 2014

1. Seeds must be clearly labeled a/ in separate bags
2. If you have/send a "cross" a/or "hybrid," that is STABLE, please note that on packaging
3. Please do your best a/ not mis-label seeds
4. Seed packet rules -
Min 10 per bag
Please limit to 30 bags per type
Max of 500 bags per participant [Yes someone sent me 250 bags of seeds last year ⺠a/ it was appreciated]
5. If you want to donate seeds beyond the max, understand you are donating these
6. Include a list (type/quantity) you are sending to trade
7. Include a list (type/quantity) you would like to receive
8. Leftover seeds submitted will be used for "Newbies" unless you note that you want any "leftovers" returned to you
9. Newbies are welcome to participate just note you may/may not receive anything based on availability of seeds

  1. Don�t send old seeds

Shipping/Handling Rules
1. Please ensure submission packaging is bubble wrap
2. Include enough money a/or stamps to send seeds back to you as I cannot pay postage for you
3. Please include a return label indicating your name a/ return address
4. If outside of US (i.e., Canada, Europe, etc.) expect longer time for both submission and receipt of exchange items
5. Only US funds are accepted

Timing/Dates �
1. Submission is 10/1/2014 - 11/30/2014 (Plan accordingly)
Note - Anything rec�d post 12/3 will not be used nor your seed request filled
2. 12/4 - 12/10 will be used for re-packaging
3. Mail out will be from 12/11-12/13

Important Notes -
1. Only Peppers are being swapped
2. Remember this is a voluntary exchange and that no one is required to participate
3. Understand that you probably won�t get everything you want in return b/c we may not receive enough to fulfill everyone's wish list
4. I will do my best to be fair in fulfilling requests

Submission address
Johnny Luse
P.O. Box 276
Midland, GA 31820

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