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Can someone explain this oddity...

14 years ago

Last year I grew a few red savina plants from seed. I got a ton of peppers. All as planned.

One plant was a bit stunted and was still flowering during the first frost so I took him in and put him under grow lights. He produced a bunch of fruit and I left him in the window and turned off the lights.

Throughout the winter I noticed the plant wasn't dying and still had green leaves so I kept watering it.

This lasted all winter and spring until it was time to go outdoors again.

Seemed only sensible to put this tough plant back outside for the season. The plant began producing more foliage and to my great surprise started flowering again in June.

Today I picked two beautiful red savinas off the plant (all it produced).

Is this normal? I can't help but think this is very abnormal for a pepper plant to produce for two seasons...

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