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Please help identifying this rose.

9 years ago

A newbie here. This is a great forum and I am enjoying reading the old posts related to roses, plants that I love the most.
I have a problem identifying few roses in my home. One is an old rose which was already planted in the house when I occupied it and two other roses, I lost the id tags.

- The first is a pure white rose. The buds as you can see in the pic are pink but flower colour is pure white, from the start.
- Flower size is medium (around 2.75") but this is the first flower on a first year plant. I am hopeful that size will increase in second year.
- Petal count of one flower that was checked was 84 (including all large and small petals).
- The flower has a fairly strong jasmine like fragrance which is not very common in roses. It's a very pleasant fragrance.
Looking for some help in identification.
Thanks and best regards

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