chile butter steak

9 years ago

I've tried this a few times, and finally had to share this one with the forums.

This weekend, I was experimenting with a spicy chile relish this weekend: onion, garlic, fresno chiles, cherry peppers, vinegar, salt, sugar, and a variety of spicy dried peppers and spices. Once that was blended up, I mixed in some unsalted butter with some of the relish and encased a ny strip steak with it, in the first picture below.

After letting it sit while it came to temperature, I salted it and grilled it for ~10 minutes. the remaining cripy bits made a nice smoky spicy sauce. it's been great with whatever chile sauces i have in the fridge. Most of my sauces are pretty thick though, dunno if it would work with something more watery.

Conclusion: It tasted awesome, definitely my go to steak, even my ex-vegetarian wife likes it. :) Let me know if you try it out. Enjoy, -E

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