How do you dry hot peppers?

9 years ago

I am growing 2 Poblano/Ancho peppers, and I pick about half of them while still green(Poblano), and I let the rest stay on the plant til they turn red(Ancho).

They have been steadily producing peppers for about 2.5-3 months now, as I planted the plants on May 5. I have not really eaten that many of them yet, and many have simply gone bad, so I decided to try and dry them.

Countless times I've seen pictures of people tying up hot peppers to a string and hanging them from the ceiling to dry, so I tried that. Well, I tried it with green Poblanos first, and they turned from green to orange to red, and then they rotted and turned black.

So I tried tying up red Anchos to the string, but they too eventually rot and turn black.....

So, what am I doing wrong here, and what is the proper way to dry peppers for future use?

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