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Spring Bulbs - Pretty Pictures!

Hi all,

I put some of my pics in WebAlbums so I could post a couple pics on another thread and I thought maybe we could all use a Fix after the cold/rain/snow we had, so I'm gonna post some of my spring bulb pics here. Color is so important to me after a long winter with short days, and I can only assume that others can't wait to get out and see things start to bloom too! I was planning to do this a couple weeks ago but just didn't get around to it!

Come join me with pics of bulbs and other things you have blooming already. Maybe it'll give the folks who don't have any color yet some hope!

My crocus are done now, but here are some of the ones I had this year. Species crocus seem to be the most "reliable" spring bulb for me. The species and variety names are on the pics if you click on them if anybody wants to know what they are.

Ipheion uniflorum 'Wisley Blue'. Squirrels TOTALLY rototilled these bulbs (and, dare I say, ATE a bunch of them!) three years ago, and this is the first time they've bloomed really well for me. And they just keep going and going and going......

Chionodoxa forbesii. This stuff is hard to take pics of because of the way the light reflects off of the white in the center! I also have a patch of these planted around my grapevine, and immediately after I planted them the squirrels dug down at least 6-7" digging them up--to eat I assume! I worried that they may have messed with the grape roots too much, but it seems to have survived The Assault! The Chionodoxa are still a little sparse in that patch, but at least some of them made it and I'm hoping they start to multiply! (These pics are of a different patch!)

Puschkinia libanotica, striped squill. These are new for me! Got them on sale late last fall and they didn't get planted till January!

And these are my "new" 'King Alfred' daffodils--also from that sale, and also planted in January! That's all from SIX bulbs! They were REALLY good bulbs! (I really love those little Puschkinia!) If anybody wonders why I have a cairn in my garden, It's My Own Personal Cairn so I'll "never get lost in a National Park again!!!" In fall of '07 I got lost at the end of a trail after following fake cairns people had built, and wound up spending the nite under a rock (to keep dry--it rained)! The next year it behooved me to build My Own Personal Cairn, and, yeah, I know it isn't gonna keep me from getting lost again, but I like it! And a couple of the rocks are from the National Park where I got lost! (Don't tell anybody!)

I also have Pulsatilla blooming, pasque flower. I got these as seedlings at the 2010 Spring Swap, and this is the first year they're big enough to really be blooming well for me. (Last year they FROZE!) Pulsatilla is really cool because after the flowers they develop pretty round seedheads that last quite a long time.

And these pics are from a couple years ago, but these things are either blooming now or are already done for this year. Just don't have recent pics of them!

Eranthus hyemalis. These things are pretty interesting! They don't have any foliage except a little ring of green right at the base of the flower. The come up and bloom and then the foliage, the "green ring," lasts for 2 or 3 weeks and they're gone again! But they come up with the crocus, so they're really early and help with the Early Fix I need! This is another Squirrelus obnoxiousii plant! When they're blooming the squirrels seem to think I'm growing salad for them, and if I don't want the flowers to all disappear I need to keep chicken wire over them!

Plain old grape hyacinths! They spread all over the place, but they're still nice for early color! You won't believe how I got this bunch of them started! When I divided my original plant into three bunches 4 or 5 years ago I had a bunch of teensy-tiny little bulblets left in the soil in the tray I had divided them in. I wanted some at the bottom of this tree, but couldn't dig down in enough, close enough, to plant one of the bunches there, so I just dug out as much soil as I could right against the tree and dumped the soil with the teensy-tiny bulblets into the hole and filled it back up with soil. The first spring I was surprised how many grew, and by the second spring there was a nice little clump of them. NONE of the bulbs/bulblets were even an eighth of an inch, they were barely visible!

And these are 'Valerie Finnis' grape hyacinths. I got them 'cause I love the light blue color! They're gonna probably spread all over too--but I do love the color! They're just starting to bloom in this pic, they get quite a bit bigger than the "regular" purple ones!

I have Primula and rockcress and my omnipresent purple johnny-jump-ups blooming too, but don't have current pics of them.

What's blooming in your yard?


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