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Should I re-located my mini rose?

11 years ago

I moved into a new house last spring. With it, came a miniature rose bush planted in the backyard in the shade. This spot gets at most 2-3 hours of sunlight per day. Last summer, it bloomed some pretty pink flowers--2 or 3 blooms at most. I admit that I didn't water or feed it last year. (the picture below is from last summer)

This year, I've really become interested in caring for them. I have been watering and even fed it a few times. The first bud of the season was either eaten right off the bush (it was only 5 in. off the ground) and it seemed like it just wasn't going to bloom again. It now has 5 buds. The most advanced bud looks like it has been eaten(?) through.

I'm wondering if I should relocate this bush to a more sunny location.

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