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Chili Plants on my balcony (pics attached finally!!)

9 years ago

Sorry for the mutiple posts, I couldn't figure how to attach more that one pic, looks like it's ok now so here we go again:

I wanted to share the few plants I am growing here in Athens / Greece on my balcony:

Here is a plant I got from pods I purchased in Tanzania / Africa. Funny thing is that I don't recall their shape being that way and being that big. There is a slight Chinense flavor, and the heat is unequal depending the part of the pod you are eating:

The plant:

The pods: I have no clue what type is it, when I got them at 1st I thought it was some kind of Hab, but the shape doesn't really match:

Here is my 2 years old Naga, no pod sofar, the weather has been way to hot up to now, we'll see in a few weeks:

My 3 years old scotch bonnet, not very productive either but the pods are very tasty and hot!

A nice ornamental giving lots of small yellow pepper with mild heat, perfect to throw directly in a salad:

And my little protective friend guarding the plant:

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